My Background

My first camera was given to me when I was 7, it was an old Nikon F that belonged to my late godmother. I first started using it in high school, learning about the craft of photography and darkroom developing my own prints. Since I started in Nikon, I continue to shoot with my DSLR Nikon today.

Photography Style

My favorite thing about photography is that by capturing a moment, you can take others on a journey to see the world as you see it. I love details. Life is in the details. When you think of a memory, you think of the intricate things that you noticed in that time.. The way someone looked at you, the sun and the breeze, the personality that beams through people's eyes. 

About Me

I have bounced around the country in my beginnings of my professional life. As a creative, I am an actor, dancer, singer, photographer, pianist, and avid doodler. I love cooking, exploring, and traveling.


Tyler Sarkis CREATES

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